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These are as their name implies Magic, because they hold a bottle of wine at a gravity defying angle that you can't get your head round.  Now some men will go on about quantum physics, mathematics, gravity and all the rest.  All I can tell you is they work, with a full bottle or an empty bottle, which blows half the theories out of the water.   They even work with a half full bottle, but not many people seem to have any of them.

I can promise you that no glue screws or nails are needed.  They are very stable and will take some knocking over but are best placed on a windowsill or fitted furniture for your most expensive claret. An excellent talking point and a source of much intrigue at parties and to all visitors.

Made from hardwood of sustainable sources, they are available in oak, ash, beech or elm. They come with a oiled polished finish or can be left unfinished.  They make an excellent present for the man with everything, gadget freaks and wine lovers everywhere. I did once have a very amusing night down the local pub where one woman had us crying with laughter at her attempts to erect her wine bottle holder.  It is however very simple.

Instructions for use

Take magic wine bottle holder and place on a stable flat and smooth surface such as a kitchen worktop or table.  Place the angled end flat down on the surface with the hole at the top, insert the bottle neck into the hole from the side with the penny in.  Wait a few seconds for the air bubbles in the wine to settle and it should stand perfectly if it is threatening to tip over a slight adjustment may be necessary  pulling the bottle out of the hole or pushing it further in depending which way it is tipping. Now you have cracked it throw the instructions away and watch family and friends attempt what they believe is impossible.  But we know different, "IT'S MAGIC"