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Beautiful Hand Crafted Solitaires made from Native British Hardwoods of Ash Elm Oak And Yew, other hardwoods are some times available, including Mahogany. This ancient game still provides a challenge in the 21st century and is a good mental work out for all ages, and provides hours of entertainment.  They also make an attractive addition to grace any home.  They come in three sizes of:

small approx 8 1/2 inches ~ medium approx 12" ~ large approx 15" . 

They all come with a full set of 33 marbles there are lots of different colours to choose from, the small solitaire has marbles of 14 - 17mm and the medium and large have marbles of 22 to 25mm.

The prices for the Solitaires are:

Large   29 ~ Medium 25 ~ Small only 19



Small, Medium & Large Solitaire



Tick Tack Toe Or Noughts and crosses as it is mostly known in the UK, this is a very simple concept which young and old can play, it is more challenging than you think, because you get carried away, concentrating on your own strategy and you forget to look what your opponent is doing.  These attractive games are played on a hardwood board with different coloured marbles of your choice.  The small board 100 to 150mm and uses small 14 - 17mm marbles while the larger version is 150 to 200mm with 22 to 25mm marbles (6 to 8 inches and uses 3/4" to 1" marbles). Please ring for choice and availability of marbles.

Tick Tack Toe Prices:

Small includes 10 marbles = 8 ~ Large including 10 marbles = 10



Large Beech, Oak & Ash Tic Tac Toes